TUMORS – Modern Diseases

The tumors are diseases of the new era, we are confronted daily with the news that someone you know is sick from this disease, but nature still gives us hope and healing ingredients in healing.


Laryngeal carcinoma is the most common malignant formations in the head and neck. More commonly occurs in men middle-aged and older. Greater frequency associated with smoking and alcohol consumption, especially with the combination of these harmful effects. The main symptom of disease in the vast majority of laryngeal hoarseness – occurs when the normal oscillation disturbed vocal cords. Hoarseness that lasts a long time, does not go along with conservative treatment and increases over time, indicating possible carcinoma of the larynx. Patients often have a feeling of a foreign body in the throat, and if the tumor becomes necrotic, and bad breath.

Tea from mallow

Spoon mallow root put in a cup of cold water and allow to stand for 12 hours. warm, strain and drink 2 to 3 cups of tea a hundred warmer, living in small sips.

The lining of the mallow

Something more mallow soak in cold water, put on the trot clean cloth and hold during the night as a covering in the area of the larynx and neck.


United incidence of stomach cancer in many countries puts it in second place in the list of the most common malignant disease. In connection with the emergence of cancer of the stomach leads to different environmental impacts and harmful substances from the food. Frequently referred smoked and heavily salted food, water where there are a lot of nitrates as well as keeping cooked food at room temperature. Increased risk are exposed to smokers and alcoholics. Many studies show that eating foods containing vitamin C and beta carotene, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, reduces the risk. In the early stages patients usually cats atypical symptoms that last for a long time, but not so expressed to contact your doctor. Usually occurring vague discomfort in the upper abdomen, a feeling of weight or fullness after a meal, light nausea, occasional vomiting and loss of appetite. About 25% of patients have ailments similar to a ulcer.

Tea of sweet flag

Spoon full of sweet flag root put in a cup of cold water and leave to stand for 12 hours. Reheated, strain and drink hot tea to sip. It is allowed to drink one cup of tea a day.

Lining of mary goldflover

Fresh or dry mary goldflover well above the warm steam, put the linen cloth, and then as a lining of the stomach. Lining keep at least 2 hours a day and at the same time lie in bed, well covered. With the use of that wraps teas.

Tea blend

Mix equal amounts of nettle, calendula and yarrow. Daily drink at least 2 liters of hot tea to sip. In the morning and at bedtime with tea take one tablespoon of the Swedish twigs.


Kidney cancer usually develops in people older than 40, more common in men than in women. The exact cause of kidney cancer is not known. However, it has been proven that there are several factors that increase the risk: smoking, sex, obesity, regular exposure to the effects of asbestos, lead, cadmium, herbicides, benzene, high blood pressure and taking some drugs (diuretics). Higher risk of developing kidney cancer are people with chronic kidney disease, as well as those who suffer from some hereditary diseases.

Tea from goldenrod

Pour 1 tablespoon of dry plants with 2 dl of boiling water. Take 4 cups of tea per day sips. Each cup add a tablespoon of the swedish twigs.

Tea of cleavers

Handful fresh cleavers put in a liter of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Drink throughout the day in small sips.

Tea nettle

Pour 1 tablespoon of dry plants with 2 dl of boiling water. Taken during the day, the sips a 3 – 6 cups.

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