SWEET POTATOES AND MACKEREL – Mitigates Allergic Asthma

The majority of chronic inflammatory diseases caused by fry, and difficulties, other than medical therapy, may alleviate and balanced diet.

When allergens or harmless substances that the immune system recognizes as enemies, come into contact with the organism, may occur runny nose, red eyes, itching of the skin, sneezing …. When people are confronted with allergic asthma, these symptoms are usually associated with much more difficult – bronchial passages narrower, so the air is hindered moves to the lungs and out of them. This leads to “playing” in the chest accompanied by choking, chest tightness, shortness of breath, rapid and intermittent breathing, coughing and excessive mucus secretion. About 90% of children who were diagnosed with asthma have this form of chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, while with her facing about 50% of adult asthmatics.

It is important to recognize allergens

The most common triggers for asthma are allergic pollen from trees or weeds, dust mites, animal hair, feathers or saliva, secretions cockroaches, and certain foods. It is important to do allergy test, based on which it prescribes therapy. It should be borne in mind that asthma can not be cured, but its symptoms can be kept under control. On the other hand, although allergens trigger for this type of respiratory diseases, and should be avoided as far as possible, symptoms can get worse and stay, especially exercise in the cold air, air fresheners, or the use of air conditioners, sudden changes in temperature, strong smells , tobacco smoke, and spending time in smoky environments. The intensity and frequency of attacks vary from person to person and discomfort can last from several minutes to several hours, in the most severe cases – up to several days.

Food as the trigger

Not all foods cause the same allergic reactions in all subjects but are usually problematic cow’s milk, eggs and fruit, mostly strawberries. In addition, asthmatics are not recommended foods that contain omega 6 fatty acids and trans fats, such as margarine and processed industrial products, including refined oils – their consumption can be given “tailwinds” inflammatory processes in the body. Therefore, industrial oils processed replace olive oil or coconut. High-calorie foods can also aggravate the condition, and it was found that the asthma attack worse in obese patients. Do not recommend products containing the preservative, sulfites, or what used to preserve food and salt, which retains water in the bronchi and worsening inflammation, should be replaced with unrefined sea salt or Himalayan.

The fish instead of red meat

If you kitty asthma, fatty fish, such as mackerel and salmon, should you find on the menu at least twice a week. Since it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium and selenium, can greatly ease the symptoms and help you to hold the disease in check. The fish can be served with chopped almonds or hazelnuts, which are also rich in healthy fat, but if you add lemon, the body will enter and vitamin C, which proved to be a good fighter against asthma symptoms.

Delicious fruit, not caloric dessert

Most of the sweets on the shelves of the supermarket, but also those that are made from refined flour or sugar, can have a negative impact on the state of health of asthmatics. So instead of a slice of chocolate cake or a full additive, eat a dessert of fruit or fresh apples organic – studies have shown that people who eat 3-5 apples a week, with up to 32% lower risk of developing asthma. You can eat the melons, and bananas, which, thanks to vitamin B6 reduce the risk of asthma attacks by 34%. This vitamin has in poultry meat, fish, sunflower and avocado. Since vegetables are recommended for carrots, sweet potatoes, because they contain beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A and acts as an antioxidant.

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