Simple Tricks to Remove Stains from Your Clothes and Make Them Pure White!

Don’t know how to clean your white clothes from that nasty food or wine stains? There are some costly stain cleaners or detergents which are expensive but don’t give desired results?

Very often, stubborn stain on your white shirt can’t be washed even by the most popular stain cleaner. Besides you keep on trying to wash it, you get chemically loaded clothes which is far from white.
Unluckily, that stubborn stain still will be there. If you think there’s no solution for your shirt, here are some tricks you are about to find out in this article.

A few natural ingredients, which everyone has at home, will help you to make your clothes pure white again. What is more important, all stains will disappear quickly and effectively.

When you used commercial detergents your clothes were exposed to chemicals, but this is not like that. All ingredients you need are natural.

Remove those stubborn stains completely and clean your white clothes naturally with these 3 best tricks:

Trick #1 – Baking Soda
In a plastic tub pour 4l of water and add a cup of baking soda. Put the stained clothes in a dilution when the baking soda dissolves and let them stay for a few minutes. The original color of clothes will quickly start to appear.

Trick #2 – Aspirin
With this excellent trick you will clean your clothes from food stains and whine, and at the same time, it will restore their pure white color.

Crush 6 aspirins and add it in a plastic tub with water. Sink your clothes in the water and let it stay for 30 minutes. After that, wash your clothes as you usually do with your detergent. Once again your clothes will be pure white.

Trick #3 – Lemon and Vinegar
Any stain from your white clothes will be removed by lemon and a bit of vinegar. It also will bring their original white color.

Mix same parts of both ingredients and wash your clothes in dilution. After washing it with this, there shouldn’t be the stain on your white shirt.

Also, your clothes will restore its original white color and it will smell fresh. Your shirt will be white like it’s new.

Did you try any of these tricks to clean stains from your white clothes?

If you have some other advice how to restore the white color of your clothes naturally, you can share it in the comments.

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