She Removed Her Brown Spots With This Common Ingredient!

In areas most exposed to the sun, such as a face, arms, and shoulders, there are liver or age spots which are tan, brown, flat or black. The spots usually have people older than 50, but also it can be the case with young people, especially if they are exposed to the sun often.

What causes age spots to appear?

The spots are caused by UV light from the sun by years of exposure. Their appearance and development can also cause the use of a solarium. A pigment called melanin is found in the upper layer of the skin and gives it a color. When UV light comes into contact with the skin, the rays accelerate the production of melanin and creates a ten on the skin to prevent damage to deeper layers of the skin due to UV radiation. When the skin is exposed to the sun then melanin is produced in high concentrations and the age spots appear.

What is the best defense against age spots?

There is a greater chance that you will get these spots if you have a brighter skin or if you are often intensely exposed to the sun. Proper protection from the sun will prevent the appearance of these spots.

If age spots change appearance, that can be a sign of melanoma, so you have to consult with your doctor.

You have to visit a doctor in cases below:
• Irregular border of age spots;
• Unusual color combination;
• Darkly pigmented;
• Rapidly increase in size;
• Causes tenderness, itching, redness, or bleeding.
• Home remedies for age spots

Elimination of old spots can be helped by chemical pilings, laser therapy, bleaching creams, freezing or dermabrasion. A natural remedy can be found for this problem. According to Quantum Paleo, Dr. Doug Willen, you can come up with a natural and easy solution to the age spots, which is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and black onion juice. Black onion juice contains antioxidant compounds that help neutralize free radicals in the body, and apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxyl acids that remove dead skin by detecting a healthy skin beneath it. After using this medicine, the skin will return its natural glow.

Follow these steps:
• Take one fresh onion and slice it.
• Pestle and pulverize mortar
• Place the liquefied onion in blender
• Add the ACV and mix them well together;
• The remedy applies on the affected spots with a cotton ball.

For this medicine, it is best to use organic, raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Use of protective creams is mandatory.

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