LEMON Clean Blood Vessels!

Plaque can cause serious illness – so it should be eliminated, and at the same time strengthen the elasticity of the walls and channels which the blood circulates through the body.

Improper diet, especially during the present winter and festive period and is associated with lack of physical activity, negatively reflects on our health, including the cardiovascular system. Although blood vessels begin to old immediately after birth, the fat in them intensively precipitated after 35 years, although this may happen earlier, depending on lifestyle, genetic predisposition and diet. The most vulnerable are cardiac and cerebral blood vessels, which are the smallest, and the consequences of the accumulation of plaque in them can be a heart attack and stroke. Therefore, the blood vessels should regularly purify of bad cholesterol and fat that is deposited in them, and that in addition to proper nutrition can help and herbal mixtures.

Stress as the main culprit

One of the best ways to save not only the blood vessels, but also health, avoiding stressful situations. The stress causes a narrowing of blood vessels, and then deposited fat is released, creating sores on them. Then the road leads to the formation of a blood clot, which may clog up the blood vessel. In addition to stress, the enemy vessels are smoking, that it significantly narrows, stepping up the oxidation of harmful substances in the blood. It is recommended to stay in the fresh air, with a change in diet – oily and industrially processed foods should be completely eliminated from the diet, and the menu includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and nuts. When preparing a meal it is advisable to use olive oil, which lowers cholesterol and raises levels of good cholesterol, preventing the formation of deposits in the blood vessels.

The best are lemon and garlic

Preparation of lemon and garlic is considered the best “cleaner” blood vessels. It is made so that the mixture of 4 cleaned heads of garlic and 4 medium size lemon with rind, ground in a meat grinder. It is then poured onto 3 l of boiling water for 3 days and allowed to stand in the fridge. After that, strain it and drink the most 3 times, 50 ml daily for 40 days, but not before consulting a doctor. Such clean blood vessels should be performed once a year – lemon and garlic regulate the level of bad cholesterol in the body, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, while making them more flexible and reduce the risk of serious diseases. Garlic should be included in the diet, because it prevents the formation of plaque in blood vessels.

And milk helps

Lemon in combination with skim milk may also contribute to cleaning the blood vessels, except that these foods should not be mixed. Every day, three times a day, drink the freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon, followed by a 1/3 l of milk. Lemon juice and milk are necessary to drink for three weeks to be completely clean – should be eliminated from the diet of fatty and processed foods, eat less meat and with more fresh fruit and vegetables. On the other hand, can help, and 180 ml of kefir combined with 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour. After an overnight rest, blend in the morning should be eaten instead of breakfast, if desired sweetened with a little honey. The process repeated for two weeks.

Strong herbs

Turmeric and ginger, which are generally used as herbs, can purify the blood vessels, thereby preventing the deposition of harmful substances in them. Turmeric, thanks to curcumin, which acts as an antioxidant, preventing the oxidation of bad cholesterol, thereby lowering its level in the blood, and therefore prevents the buildup of plaque. The same effect has and ginger, which in addition prevents blood clotting, improves circulation and cleanses the blood vessels, except that should be taken at least 1 tablespoon of fresh or dried ginger root daily.

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