How To Naturally Remove Body Hair Permanently (No Waxing Or Shaving)!!

This natural remedy comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma), more than 400 years ago. This ancient remedy will help you to remove unwanted hair without waxing and shaving. This is one of the most common and largest cosmetic problems faced by people around the world. Instead of buying expensive preparations full of chemicals, this natural remedy has no side effects. Therefore, the best solution for this annoying problem is to use Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil.

Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil

Thanaka means elephant (in the Burmese language), and Thanaka powder is soft powder of bark Thanaka tree. It is used worldwide as a highly recommended for improving the quality of the skin. On the other hand, we have Kusumba oil that is obtained from the seeds of Kusumba flower with a special method of pressing the oil from small seeds. It has a very large hydrant properties in itself and is often used in combination with Thanaka powder.

Hair removal treatment

This herbal treatment is to permanently remove unwanted hair from the body, with this treatment the hair becomes thinner, softer and invisible.


  • pure Thanaka Powder
  • pure Kusumba oil

Instructions for applying the cream on the face

You can combine 2 tablespoons of Kusumba oil with 1 tablespoon of Thanaka powder until you get a thick cream. Apply on the part of the face where you want to remove the hair. Allow the cream to stand 2 hours and rinse it. You can leave the cream overnight and wash your face in the morning, optional.

Instructions for applying the cream on the body

5 to 6 tablespoons of Kusumba oil combined with 2 tablespoons of Tanaka powder until you get a thick cream. Apply the cream to areas of the body where you want to remove unwanted hair, and leave at least 2 hours. Finally, rinse the part. You can leave the cream overnight and take a shower in the morning, optional.

You can repeat this treatment every day for 3 weeks. In addition to the basic ingredients, you can add to the cream a piece of papaya and little turmeric powder, and thus brighten the complexion of your skin.

Classes of Tanaka powder

There are 3 classes of quality of Thanaka powder: class A, in pure form Thanaka powder can be found in Burma, while the classes B and C are mixed form with multi Matti and sandal powder which can be found in Malaysia and Thailand. In fact, classes B and C are used most often to face treatment, because they help in removing acne marks and black spots.

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