DETOX – Avoid The Most Common Mistakes!

The misconception is that the toxins deposited in the body for decades, be eliminated in about ten days. On the contrary, it is a very complex process that requires patience and expertise.

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements for various medicines or detox diet which promises fast and efficient detoxification of the whole organism. The question is why we need detoxification. Unfortunately, today, all over the air, water and food are exposed to various toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, various chemicals …). In many cases, these pollutants precipitated us into the body faster than the agencies for purifying be out. Once you get into the body, these toxins can intensify inflammation, hormones and disrupt the cellular communication, DNA damage and weaken the functioning of the immune system. So increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, joint diseases and allergies, as well as cause headaches, infections of the respiratory system and even mental symptoms. Therefore, the body needs detoxification once a year. However, rapid detoxification and sudden loss of weight, do not clean the body in a good way – but can cause health problems. For example, aggressive cleaning program can run large amounts of toxins from the place where it is stored by the body, which results in a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Also, any medicines or supplements for detoxification should not be taken prior consultation with a doctor and a complete check of the body.

Do not rush!

The point of detoxification is to feel better and livelier to alleviate the inflammation, stimulate digestion, strengthen immunity, accelerate metabolism, improve cognitive function, purify the skin and rid of the pain. However, if this process approaches the unprepared and under-informed, wishing to do this as quickly, we will only get worse. Those who begin aggressive detoxification (strict fast, strong herbal formulas or radical changes in diet) – often experience a so-called detox crisis. This happens in the reaction of the body to rapidly release toxins. Then it may appear a headache, weakness, visual disturbances, problems with digestion, insomnia, symptoms of the flu. These side effects are very unpleasant and can deter people from intention to cleanse the body. Once released into the bloodstream a lot of toxins, they must be completely eliminated in order not to redistribute in other vital areas, including the brain. However, detoxification crisis is not a normal consequence of detoxification, although many believe that this is proof that it works. Unpleasant symptoms are evidence that the process initiated abruptly. The body takes a time to accumulate all the toxins, but he’ll need more time to gradually ejected. Moreover, drastic diets do not provide your body enough calories or nutrients, that it would have enough energy to detoxify. The complex process of removing toxins and repair the damage that they inflict, requires a lot of energy and nutrients. Remember that the objective here is to improve health, not jeopardize it. Do not fasting and hunger longer period. Instead, the emphasis put on whole foods rich in nutrients, such as organic fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein. Another danger is dehydration. This is not an unusual problem for detoxification, because many of us are chronically dehydrated, but this time is particularly evident because we need plenty of fluids in order to expel toxins from the body. Insufficient hydration during the detoxification seems that the whole process stops halfway when toxins are drawn from several organs, or are not completely expelled from the body.

First, change your diet regime

You will not be able to detoxify the body, if you are eating based on industrially processed foods, which are rich in sugar, fat and preservatives. So, first change your diet regime, but not “overnight”, but gradually. The process of detoxification need to start cleaning the blood and organs of the digestive system with adequate diet (but not rigorous!). Then proceed to clean the vital organs and tissues, where the toxins accumulated in greater quantity. If thoroughly cleanse the bloodstream and blood circulation, will prepare the body for complete detoxification. Gradually eject industrial meat products from the diet and red meat keeps to a minimum (no more than 150 grams per week). Shunt sweets, snacks and soft drinks industry. Plant protein, especially those germs and fermented plant foods, they are easy to digest and stimulate detoxification with an abundance of enzymes and nutrients. Choose organic foods to reduce the intake of pesticides, antibiotics and other harmful compounds. Fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, is an excellent source of fiber, enzymes and probiotic bacteria, which will help in detoxification of the digestive system. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the main points of the detoxification program, as it provides key nutrients and vital antioxidants. Antioxidants are especially important because detoxification can produce free radicals, molecules that damage the bad cells and cause greater toxicity. Alkaline vegetables like spinach, cucumber and avocado, is a counterbalance acidity and helps the body eliminate toxins. Eat plenty of broccoli and kale, because these vegetables contain compounds that furthering the establishment of balance hormones and stimulate detoxification of the body. Avoid everything that causes the inflammatory processes, such as sugar, salt, alcohol, processed foods and caffeine beverage. These foods can disrupt the metabolism, increase the number of toxins in the body and cause dehydration. Every day, drink plenty of fluids (water and unsweetened herbal tea) and regular exercise, because proper breathing and good blood circulation are very important part of detoxification.

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