BREASTFEEDING – How To Increase The Amount Of Milk ?

During childbirth and all the things that follow after, it is very stressful for women. And among the most common problems is the lack of their lactation.
It is known that breast milk is the healthiest food and that breastfeeding is the best possible welcome for baby who begins life. However, statistics show that today more and more mothers, and despite all the effort, remain without milk. Is it stress, which is often cited as the cause of weaning, the reason for the loss of milk? Experts say it is not. Is the initial pain when breastfeeding is sufficient reason to deny the child’s health for life? Of course not. Breast-feeding should not get ourselves into the pain, on the contrary – to the best possible feeling for the mother and for the child, a proper education of new mothers is crucial to achieving this goal. If you are afraid that you will not have enough milk, let encouraged by the fact that every mother has enough milk for the baby – especially if you abide by the correct advice on the establishment of lactation – as confirmed by the remarkable fact that even women who adopt a child can produce milk. In addition, proper nutrition and the use of certain foods can help you increase your milk production and improve its quality.

Benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding reduces their infant mortality even 56.5 times – the result of the research, which included 20.000 babies in Chicago. Bleeding in the mother is quick, and spontaneous stops if it immediately after childbirth begin breastfeeding. If the baby immediately starts to suck, it reduces the risk of mastitis, the mother is recovering fast after childbirth, normalizes the process of creating milk, naturally continues and stimulates the maturation of milk glands, milk comes at the time and there’s enough here. Early establishment of breastfeeding promotes proper operation of the baby’s intestines, as the first milk contains bacteria that regulate digestion. Breast-feeding reduces the risk of allergy, asthma, diabetes, various infections, obesity, and other diseases.

Important is the detoxification of the body!

If you are planning a pregnancy, smoking cessation is understood. The reasons for this are many, because every cigarette you smoke has consequences for the baby. Nicotine can interfere with milk production, and research shows that mothers who smoke, stop breastfeeding earlier.

Brewer’s yeast helps

Surely you’ve heard that nursing mothers should drink a glass of beer a day because it is good for milk. However, daily drinking beer while breastfeeding, certainly not advisable, because we must not forget that beer contains alcohol and that the baby does not need. Better and healthier source of B vitamins is brewer’s yeast, which you can freely consume, and which may enhance lactation.

Drink plenty of fluids

Breastfeeding mothers should drink more fluids, usually water, squeezed juices and herbal teas. Not all teas permitted for use during breast-feeding, or tea from caraway and anise can drink because they are safe. In addition, it is considered to increase the amount of milk.

What am I supposed to eat?


Many midwives recommend the use of oats during breast-feeding because it may positively affect hormone in charge of lactation. You can cook oats, beans or making pulp, cookies and cakes of oats.


A source of phytoestrogens, which, among other things, promotes and lactation. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are very useful for the baby, because the positive effect on the development of her brain and intelligence. Use them in ground form.


Contains phytoestrogens and vitamin B, and can stimulate lactation and increase the amount of milk. In addition, hop is a natural sedative, so helps in cases of insomnia and anxiety.


It has been shown that nettle tea improves milk production, accelerating the cessation of bleeding after childbirth, cleanses the body of toxins, helps in the treatment of anemia …

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