Although being considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world, ginger can have adverse side-effects if mixed with certain drugs.

The medicinal properties of ginger are endless – it can improve your digestion, reinforce your immune system, reduce digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, IBS and cramps, improve your circulation, lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol and even prevent cancer. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, ginger can treat numerous health problems and is considered a universal remedy due to its treatment of different diseases and conditions.

However, ginger is not recommended to anyone, so make sure to avoid consuming it if you fall under the following groups of people:

People who want to gain weight

Ginger can help you lose weight, but you should avoid it if you’re trying to gain some. It keeps you full for longer and accelerates the fat burn, so make sure to stay away from it if you want to gain weight.

Pregnant women

Ginger contains stimulants that can trigger premature labor, which is why you should avoid it if you’re pregnant.

People with blood disorders

Stay away from ginger if you’re suffering from hemophilia or other blood disorders.

People on blood pressure and diabetes medications

Ginger is known to interfere with anticoagulants, insulin-based drugs and beta-blockers. Avoid it if you’re on any high blood pressure or diabetes drugs as well.

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