Top 10 Foods For Healthy Teeth!

For a start – forget the candy and industrial juices, because sugar is one of the main causes of tooth decay and tooth enamel decay.


To bond nibbling carrots, you need a strong and healthy teeth. It is, therefore, important even in childhood begin with regular consumption of vegetables, in order to improve the health and quality of teeth. Solid and crunchy foods, such as raw carrots, requires greater involvement of chewing muscles, and that is a good thing, because chewing stimulates the production of saliva, and it neutralizes the acid and enzymes in the mouth, which can damage the enamel. In addition to carrots, and other foods rich in vitamin A, such as pumpkin, apricots, kale, broccoli and tomatoes, promotes dental health because they influence the construction of enamel. It has been proven that a lack of vitamin A during growth and development of teeth in children leads distortion and withering away ameloblastomas cells that produce enamel.


* Cinnamon – destroys 50% of oral bacteria and 40% of those that cause bad breath. Use it in bags of cereal, or add the tea. You can also use cinnamon oil.
* Parsley – refreshes the breath and helps in case of gingivitis.
* Nana – refreshes your breath, strengthens the gums, works antiseptic and helps in case of a toothache.
* Rosemary – clean teeth and has a beneficial effect on the right alleviating bleeding gums.
* Chamomile – has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dairy products

It is known that dental health is necessary for calcium, the main component of bones and teeth, which has abundant in milk, cheese and yogurt. In addition to calcium, dairy products also contain phosphorus, which also plays an important role in maintaining healthy teeth. In addition, reduces the acidity of the cheese, which favors the development of bacteria and balances pH value in the mouth. Casein and whey protein proved to reduce the loss of minerals in tooth enamel. However, the food of animal origin should be moderate, because too much protein in these foods can “extract” the calcium from the bones, which leads to a weakening of the bones and teeth.

Sesame seeds

Sesame is one of the best sources of calcium. In it, he has a lot more than in milk, and is, therefore, an excellent food for teeth. It’s good for easing infections, strengthening teeth and tooth enamel, preventing the formation of dental plaque. It is best to eat it in ground form, as a supplement to cereal or cash register rolls, yogurt …


We can say that this is a natural vegetable toothbrush. How is it possible? Celery has a fibrous structure, and when his chewing chopped fibers, reaches inaccessible places around the teeth, clean food residues and massage the gums. Chewing celery causes the secretion of substances which neutralize bacteria – the culprits of caries.


Since ancient times it is known that apples are good tooth cleaners and guardians of a healthy and beautiful smile. It is responsible plenty of vitamins and minerals that contain, or the fact that when they bite an apple – gently massaged field between the teeth and remove plaque products and food residues. In addition, the acid in apples can lighten the color of the tooth surface and absorb stains. However, this story has its downside – the apple contains natural sugars and acids, which, in turn, can trigger the formation of plaque, and it is recommended that after consuming her drink a glass of water.


This fruit contains polyphenols – similar to green tea – which prevent sticking of plaque on the tooth enamel and tooth decay as well, as confirmed by the scientific research. However, this applies only to fresh cranberries, candied because they contain too much sugar (the same goes for juice), which damages the teeth.

Tofu cheese

One of the ways to supply a valuable calcium and regular use of tofu or soy cheese. To provide the body the amount of this important mineral, which corresponds to that in a cup of cow’s milk, it is enough to eat half a cup of tofu hard cheese. In addition to calcium, tofu cheese contains phosphorus and also important for dental health.

Black and white onions

It is widely known that garlic and onions, very powerful anti-bacterial ingredients, which operate in many bacteria, including those caused by tooth decay. The best effect is achieved when the onions consumed in fresh condition. Onion can whiten teeth, and garlic and onions help in case of a toothache.


If you want to whiten your teeth naturally, strawberries are the right choice. This fruit contains the same enzyme as well as toothpaste and clean plaque. Strawberries have a lot of fiber, which removes bacteria from the mouth, and vitamin C in this fruit also eliminates bacteria that cause odors and gum disease.

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