Boil This 2-Ingredient Cinnamon and Raw Honey Mixture to Burn Belly Fat Off Your Waistline (and 4-Minute Workout)

To be able to lose weight without the too strenuous workout or being on a strict healthy diet is the dream of every woman.

Luckily, despite it may sound weird this is no longer just a dream. There is an amazing recipe that will help you to get rid of the abdominal fat almost immediately and today we are going to reveal it.

Only 2 simple ingredients: cinnamon and honey are contained in our miraculous elixir. Absolutely the best allies in the weight loss process are these extremely powerful ingredients. This combination is far more powerful than being used separately according to many eminent nutritionists.

You only have to do the following:

Add a tbsp of cinnamon powder in a 250 ml/ 8.5 oz of boiled water. Let it cool down and then add 2 tbsp of honey. Because the hot water will reduce the effects of the honey when you add the honey the water should be warmed.

Drink this miraculous mixture as soon as you get up and before you regular cardio workouts. In order to maximize your results and improve your overall health we will also recommend you extremely powerful cardio workout which will totally change your view of difficult and boring workouts.

Far more better effects as the more exhausting workout session is this 4 min exercise that we are going to present you. The name of the workout is tabata protocol.

Do 20 sec rounds of jump squats and then rest for 10 sec between each round. In a min apart from doubling your metabolic rate after the workout for at least 30 min afterwards you will burn aprox 13.4 calories.

In no time the combination of this amazing effective cardio workout and fantastic homemade recipe will give you the body of your dreams.

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