Sugar is delicious but in copious amounts, it can be really bad for our health. You won’t look at it the same way once you learn how it impacts the body. There are red flags which our body sends us that it’s time to reduce the consumption of sugar and here are six of them:

Lack of energy and fatigue.
Constant tiredness and fatigue are a sign that in your diet you use too much sugar. Although foods that contain a lot of sugar, it contains carbohydrates that give you energy, but it is only temporary. If you feel constant fatigue, probably a lot of sugar entering through food or drink, and be sure to reduce the daily intake.

Need for sugar intake.
The chances that you become addicted to sugar are very high if you are by now accustomed to on a daily basis be sure to eat some candy. Daily intake of sugar can lead to an increase in desire for the sugar. If you can not imagine a day without sweets and carbohydrates you probably already addicted.

Frequent colds and viruses.
If you often have a cold or have a weak immune system, may be a result of excessive use of sugar in the diet. If almost every virus invades your body and makes you sick, one reason may be your preference for sweet. Excessive use of sugar weakens your body and becomes useless in the fight against viruses, bacteria and chronic respiratory diseases.

The brain becomes foggy (especially after meals).
Fog is a symptom of low blood sugar. when you consume large amounts of sugar, blood sugar rises, but after some time falls suddenly, instead of being at a normal level at all times. Poor control of blood sugar can lead to an increased risk of damage and cognitive problems.

Nothing is as sweet as it once was.
Consuming too much sugar leads to increased tolerance to the taste of sugar, and your body is asking for more and more sugar. Taste buds asking for more and more sugar to make it sweet enough, and can be extremely hard to reduce that level of taste after a while. If initially reduce the level of sugar intake, you can reduce the sugar tolerance of the body. Again you feel that something is too sweet, and you can continue the normal amounts that sugar intake through food and drink.

Problems with feet and skin.
When sugar is consumed, it causes various infections in the body, but often people complain of skin inflammation. If suffer from frequent dryness, eczema, acne and pimples, the sugar may be the cause of it. ibaćivanje sugar from your diet can improve the quality of your skin. Famous pediatrician in America found that sugar has an inflammatory effect on the foot. It can appear in the foot as plantar fasciitis that causes pain in the tissue’s thick band that runs across the foot’s bottom, the heel, and the whole foot. Excessive use of sugar can lead to problems with the adrenal glands, and is believed to have black circles around the eyes are due to the introduction of large amounts of sugar in the body.

Weight gain.
Sugar intake means more calories in the body, since a sugar, does not contain any fibers or proteins, we can not be saturated and forces us to eat more. Sugar may be the trigger the release of insulin, which is a hormone that plays an important role regulating our body weight. Intake of sugar, the pancreas in our body releases insulin. Intake of more sugar, the body produces more insulin. This means that the body can not respond to normal amounts of insulin and can not use sugar properly and with the time the excessive output leads to insulin resistance. The increase in weight is due to the intake of large amounts of glucose, which in itself contains large amounts of calories and the omission of the normal response of the body to insulin. When the pancreas works long time can lead to diabetes.

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